mame: 豆 (mɑː:meɪ/) “bean” in Japanese… often used to describe something tiny, miniature, little, precious…

atelier: (a-təl-ˈyā)  the French word for workshop or studio, esp. one used by an artist or designer.


I have always had an affinity for tiny things

Soft nubby linen, wool, hand-loomed cotton, silk… all make me swoon

I love the mysteries and stories found in thrift stores, yard sales and estate sales

I have hopes and dreams of learning to blow tiny glass things, baking a perfect Canelé and Kouign Amann, writing the most beautiful handwritten letters

My life goal as a child was to grow up to be a cat

So I have always had a companion cat or two

I adore my sweet husband dearly

I once lived in Vilnius Lithuania

It was so hard and so wonderful and I would never give up the experience for anything

I treasure simple meaningful things and small actions

I make small things, careful things, practical things, sweet things, quiet things

He makes: photos, me smile, biscuits and tea…

Welcome to atelier ma-mé


contact: atelier.mame.patrina@gmail.com