more girly samples

warning… i’m about to ramble on about makeup for a bit…

so my february birchbox was sort of a minor dud for me. here’s what i got:

February Birch Box

the choco pod, meh, it was ok, a little waxy and not really very smooth or chocolaty. i live in portland and can get better chocolate at Fred Meyer let alone by hopping down the street to Alma Chocolate so not terribly impressed, but it’s chocolate so i gobbled it up right away anyway. 😉

I don’t use any sort of concealer or foundation (no dark circles or huge lines under my eyes and most face makeup products i have tried are super fake looking and noticeable and make me break out) so i hadn’t the faintest idea what to do with the Beautyblender pink teardrop shaped sponge, the  Jouer Luminizing Moisture Tint or the Mineralogie Cream Concealer.

Don’t even get me going on the weird eyeliner stickers… i gave those to my 18 year old sister. hopefully she’s having fun with them.

Save the eyeliner decals, i did give the others a go. I used the pink sponge thingy for the eyeshadow base i got for christmas from MAC and it was pretty nice. It was way softer then i expected and applied the base nice and even and soft. I also used it to try out the concealer and moisture tint. The tint was a little too shimmery for my tastes but light and didn’t seem very noticeable.  The concealer seems fine too. I think foundation makeup and concealer might be something I’ll try in the future so these might be good to have around to practice and play with. But in all, a pretty meh month.

February Julep Box

Then there is Julep… yeah i got suckered into trying out another sample box subscription. This one is a Seattle company doing “designer” nail polishes. It’s $20 a month (ouch!) but i found a code for getting your first box for a penny (SHAREONMARCH is the current one if you are interested in trying it out) so i decided to give it 2 months. This way each box is only $10. Julep is kind of fun, you take a little test (a-la fashion magazine quizes) to determine your taste in polish styles and away you go. I got “Classic with a Twist” and in my first box received Meryl, a pretty soft medium grey and Oscar, a nice chunky gold glitter, as well as a bottle of Julep Topcoat for Hair (which my hairdresser is now in love with and plans on getting a bottle himself). All the February polishes were Oscar Awards inspired.

The hair Top Coat is really really nice. Makes my hair shiny, soft and seems to protect it from blow drying and flat/curling iron pretty nicely. the polishes are nice but nothing i would ever spend the marked retail price of $14 a bottle. the bottles are small and sleek, but did i mention small? For $14 i feel like you should get a little more polish. So far from poking around the site the colors are nice but nothing too revolutionary. Oscar was nice, the glitter pieces are not too big, not too small and pretty concentrated so it covers well. Meryl is a beautiful medium warm grey creme, nice coverage and shine. i liked it a lot.

So all in all, considering i paid one cent for this box, not a bad deal. Even when i factor in the $20 box coming later this month, i feel a $10 average was a great price for this, $20 might be a bit much for one so i doubt i’ll keep going with the service. Looks like i’m slated to get a shimmery iridescent purple and a light beige peach along with a bottle of Organic Moroccan Argan Oil (i had never heard of it before but seems useful) in my march box. I’ll be sure to post about them too. Who knows, they might really wow me and i’ll be tempted to hang on for one more month.

Then there was the shining glory of my March Birch Box which just arrived…

march birch box

Love love love!

~ Annick Goutal Petite Cherie perfume. wearing it right now and it’s pretty nice.fruity and sweet and floral but not overpowering.

~ Max Anti-Shine Mattifying Gel will be interesting to try. Not a big fan of foundation but something to help even out my skin and make pores less noticeable with no color sounds appealing.

~ essie Luxeffects Nail Polish… LOVE ESSIE!!!!! I have several essie polishes, including the Luxeffects “as gold as it gets”, and was hoping for either this silver or the pink, so YIPPEE!

~ tarte LipSurgence lip tint is really great. I have a hard time with lipstick making my lips dry and this seems really smooth and lip balm like. i got a pretty peachy neutral.

~ I have some similar hair bands already and loooooove them. they are just fold over elastic tied in a nice flat knot but they are soft and hold my hair well without ripping it and come in awesome colors.

~ there was also a $10 off $75 at ModCloth, but as i just got new boots… i’ll not be spending any more wardrobe funds any time soon, even though i have been drooling over this, and this, and this:)

ok, promise i won’t be this wordy on a make up post again. i’m thinking i rambled a bit there. 😀 off to do my nails!